Staigle's Steakhouse

Staigle's Steakhouse


Our menu is shaped by seasonal availability.  Some items may vary.

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| daily specials |

Mon – red beans and rice   16
pork chop, cornbread

Tue- spaghetti and meatballs   16
garlic bread, parmesan

Wed- seafood etouffee   16
jasmine rice, house bread

Thu- fried chicken   16
leg and thigh, braised greens, potato salad

Fri- fried catfish   16 
hushpuppies, tartar sauce, fries or coleslaw

| soup and salad |

chef’s gumbo   13
andouille sausage, roasted duck, Two Brooks rice  

cobb   15
avocado, smoked tomato, onion, egg, bleu cheese, ranch dressing

Staigle’s wedge   14
baby iceberg, house cured bacon, smoked tomatoes, blue cheese dressing

caesar   13
anchovy dressing, grana padano, croutons, crisp garlic, romaine  
*add chicken    5
*add shrimp   8
*add steak   14

| sandwiches |

fried chicken sandwich   17
fresh bun, fresh greens, smoked tomato 

sirloin burger    18*
fresh bun, bacon jam

shrimp wrap   18
fried, remoulade, lettuce, pickled peppers

| entrees |

spiced fish squash   32
spring onion

house filet   46*
6 oz, fries, bordelaise

Dante’s fried chicken   28*
honey braised greens

ribeye   43*
10 oz, lyonnaise potatoes